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InPrint was founded in 2003 to tour Norfolk with a highly successful exhibition facilitated by Creative Arts East. It is an innovative group of artists and poets from Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex working in collaboration across a range of art forms - print, text, sculpture, digital and traditional image making, readings and performance.

We exhibit our work together and in 2005 launched the first Poetry Vending Machine (PVM) which dispenses quality boxes of images, words, sculptural forms and more from converted vending machines.

We are also involved in the community through teaching and performing, and have received an Arts Council Grants for the Arts award to develop and expand the collaborative work of the group.

For more information see the InPrint website

Keeping in Touch

image by Mike Fenton

Walking back from the temple, carrying
on our fingers the warm slip of
oil from the bull’s stone nose
we come across

blue-trousered school-girls.  Their plaits
are crushed blackberries, their voices
sun in a puddle. 
My hands brush theirs
when I give pens, small coins. 

You and me, we don’t
Later we
swop mobile phone numbers, promising
to spell out words to each other
from a distance
of several thousand miles. 

Poem by Caroline Gilfillan, image by Mike Fenton

Intercepted light

image by Annette Rolston She watches shadows dip beneath the door,
swirling to the rhythm of the blades,
the push and pull of brown Bakelite whir.

Her fingers trace the swell of thigh to hip,
belly bump to ribs.  Out in the dusty street
conversation splashes on to brick. 

Next door the shower gurgles, as, within,  
her heart maintains its sturdy, even thud,
reminding her that under her cloak of skin 

she, too, pulses like intercepted light.
She too is rock and rolling out of sight.

Poem by Caroline Gilfillan, image by Annette Rolston