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Write Idea Festival 2013 photo
Caroline Gilfillan at the Writeidea
Festival 2013
Cast of Meeting Mister Pepys photo
The Cast of Meeting Mister Pepys
Pepys Launch party photo
The Pepys Collection launch party Jan 2013

Suffolk Poetry Society George Crabbe competition 2012.
Judge Kenneth Steven, second prize-winner Anne Boileau,
third prize-winner James Knox-Whittet
Winner of PNS 2011
Winner of the Open Poetry Competition at the Poetry-next-the-sea festival
(The EDP article reads: "Rhyme has a reason at Wells" She said: "I've been
coming to the Wells Poetry Festival and supporting it every since I moved
here eight years ago. "I think it is a wonderful festival. It is always very well
run and it features really top class poets.
"There is a good mixture of international poets and local writers and the fact
that it gets involved with local schools is fantastic."
She added: "There is a very strong interest in poetry in this part of the
country and the festival is very well attended.
I think Wells gives it a brilliant and unusual setting."
InPrint members photo
InPrint members, clockwise from left to right: Rupert Mallin,
Annette Rolston, Mike Fenton, Tim Lenton, Lisa D'Onofrio
and myself.
Caroline Gilfillan reading at the Playhouse
At the Norwich Playhouse
Fakenham Library photo
Fakenham Library Oct 2009
Reflection Touring Exhibition photo
Reflections Touring Exhibition
Addenbrookes Hospital Workshop photo
Addenbrookes Hospital workshop
Stepney Reigsters at the keyboards
At the keyboards, Stepney Resisters 2009